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This isn’t something you’ll have to fret about when studying the Polish language. Most words sound precisely the way in which they are written, with only a few exceptions. [newline]So, you’ll be ready to begin studying the language in a really brief time. Pimsleur is an excellent useful resource for studying a ton of various languages. It offers both female and male speakers and tons of audio content throughout all languages.

  • • Cost-effective – Less costly than lessons or immersion, and options all native speakers.
  • It’s a robust combination that makes Pimsleur totally different from every different technique in the marketplace.
  • Polish grammar, in comparability with English, is also very troublesome.
  • Soon after, Poland turned a Christian state, which meant the adoption of Latin into the liturgical and administrative language.
  • You might consider studying Polish to have the ability to have a career centered in Eastern Europe, to gain access to the rich tradition and history of Poland and the Polish folks, and to hook up with the language of your heritage.
  • There are nonetheless many that talk Polish as a second language.

Students will understand processes of societal integration and disintegration over several generations of fixing political, social and cultural regimes. Students may even familiarize themselves with contemporary culture and can develop intercultural communication expertise. For these thinking about studying Polish, see this video, and visit this website featuring work by Polish language college students at Northwestern. Polish is spoken by about 43 million people, 36.5 million of whom live in Poland, where it’s the official language.


Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowshipsprovide tuition and stipend to college students studying designated foreign languages together with space studies or worldwide elements of professional studies. The funding encourages the study of less generally taught modern languages like Polish. The University of Kansas has a greater than thirty-year custom of instructing Polish language and literature. The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures presents yearly regular courses of elementary, intermediate and superior Polish. Students who have already got advanced knowledge of Polish can take independent study programs in Polish Language and Literature after acquiring the consent of the instructor. The major or minor with a Polish focus is designed to offer students basic competence in Polish language and knowledge of Polish literature, historical past and movie.

Interesting Information About Poland And The Polish Language

The land was divided between Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Germany. And the Polish language wasn’t the official language in any of these states. The unification of Slavic tribes positively helped establish a common language. Soon after, Poland became a Christian state, which meant the adoption of Latin into the liturgical and administrative language. Most of those folks reside in Poland, but there are significant Polish-speaking communities in Germany, Russia, the UK, and the United States.

Polish Onomatopoeia

Thanks to its “mobile theme”, Mówić po polsku can additionally be used comfortably on smartphones and tablets. For individuals from the central european linguistic space, Polish is not fairly simple to be taught because of its slavic origin, its pronunciation and the advanced Polish grammar. On the other hand, accentuation in Polish is sort of straightforward as the stress all the time lies on the second final syllable of the word. Also, many english and latin words can be “polonized” by including the ending -ować. Examples are “fotografować” , “parkować” (to park ) or “mailować” (to write an e-mail). Unless otherwise described within the textual content, this page is about native audio system – not the whole number of audio system.